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Our Journey Through Caramel Hell

If you have never tried to make caramel yourself, allow us to paint a picture for you: Imagine trying to pull teeth from a shark... a hungry, angry shark... that is also on fire... and you have to pull the teeth using jello. Figure that one out.

That is what it is like trying to make caramel. One degree over, or under temperature, and you can kiss that succulent smelling hot mess goodbye. After some shed tears, and choice words, we brush ourselves off and start all over again. 

As you can imagine, it took hours, upon hours in the kitchen trying to perfect the recipe. After all of the hard work, dedication, and not to mention all of the burns from the hot caramels (it's not a joke people. We risk our lives to bring you these candies..... WORTH IT.) we have finally ended up with the recipe that we all know and love.

We here in the Kick Ass Kitchen love to experiment with new flavours and ideas. So keep your eye out, and keep coming back! If you have a flavour that you would like to see, please let us know. Don't keep all of your wonderful ideas to yourself! Please share it with us. If we end up loving your idea, (and lets be honest, we probably will. You're a fu**ing genius) we'll make it! Nothing is off limits. E-mail us with your ideas, and we'll get cooking!


Kick Ass Caramels uses only the freshest ingredients. The basis for all of our flavours is four simple ingredients.

Sugar, butter, cream, corn syrup.

Theres nothing mysterious about it, there are no preservatives, and everything is made by hand. Every caramel, is created, cut, wrapped, cellophane, and packaged with love... You won't find 'love' on our ingredient list, but we can assure you, that it's in there!

Just to be clear, all of our caramels are wrapped in clear, FDA approved cellophane wrappers, and bagged for freshness... Your welcome.


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Oohh! Fudge!

-Random Shopper

"I'm sorry, we don't use the 'F' word around here. "

— Heidi Lou


Caramel Connoisseurs

Heidi Lou is the founder of these sinfully sweet caramels. It started out at home, and has since blown up like volcano on steroids. 

She has a small commercial kitchen in the Heritage Market, in downtown Stony Plain. She, and all her helpers/sweat-shop labourers  are in there day and night, cooking, and cutting, and wrapping, and having a blast.

She loves what she does, and makes sure everyone else who works there does too. We are paid to say that, and it's still true! We hope you enjoy eating these, as much as we enjoy making them in the Kick Ass Caramel Kitchen.

Much love everyone. Thank you for supporting us. The overwhelming response has been truly amazing, and we appreciate the hell out of it. Thank you.